How to Get Your Hot Tub in Top Shape Ahead of Your 4th of July Celebrations

For many, 4th of July celebrations and festivities are held outside. Whether you are having a cookout, setting off fireworks, or spending time in the hot tub, backyards are the perfect gathering spot for Independence Day. 

What better way to socialize and relax with your friends and family than in your hot tub — particularly in the evening after the fireworks start? If you plan to use your spa during your gathering, make sure it is in tip-top shape! 

Thoroughly Clean Your Hot Tub

The most important part of getting your spa ready for your 4th of July gathering is giving it a good cleaning. Hot tubs are notorious for both organic and inorganic buildups, particularly in the jetted lines, which normal cleaners can’t reach. 

The best way to ensure you have thoroughly cleaned your spa is with the use of a purging product. Thankfully, Ahh!some Watercare has just the products you need.  

  • Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing & Jet Cleaner: With just a few teaspoons of this cleaning gel, you can effectively purge the jetted lines of your spa. This product can be used on a regular basis to keep your hot tub clean all year round.
  • Single-Use Hot Tub Purge Packet: For your purging needs, you can also use one of our single-use purging packets. No measuring is required, simply empty the contents into your spa water and let it clean from the inside out. 
  • ScumRays: The ScumRay is specifically designed to keep your hot tub immaculate by absorbing the scum generated by body oil and lotions. This should be your go-to product every time you need to scrub your hot tub shell. 
  • Spray Cleaner and Deodorizer: For all of your surface cleaning, use our spray cleaner and deodorizer. Simply spray the cleaner on any surface, let sit for about 10 seconds, and wipe away for maximum cleaning power. 

With the help of these products, you can ensure a thorough cleaning prior to your holiday get-together. 

Adjust the Temperature

For most parts of the country, you can expect temperatures to be decently warm — if not blistering hot — during the 4th of July. When temperatures are high, jumping into a hot tub set to 104℉ may not seem ideal. The good news is that nearly all spas can be adjusted to your ideal temperature. 

If you know it will be hot outside on the day of your party, adjust your hot tub’s temperature early. Changes in temperature can affect the chemical balance, so you may need to test often and adjust as needed during this change. 

Add Some Fun!

Finally, be sure to add some holiday fun to your spa time. For example, consider incorporating some red, white, and blue decorations or adding some patriotic floats and toys to the water. You could also set your LED lights to red, white, and blue to create a festive ambiance.

To make things even more convenient for your guests, consider adding some extra cupholders or trays to the hot tub. This will give everyone a dedicated spot to set their drinks or snacks while relaxing and enjoying the party atmosphere.

Keep Your Hot Tub Clean With Ahh!some

If you’re thinking about getting your spa ready for your 4th of July celebrations — or any get-together — it’s time to start cleaning with our Ahh!some hot tub products. Not only should you prepare your hot tub with a good cleaning prior to a gathering, but also afterward. When a lot of people use your spa, there are sure to be extra contaminants and oils left behind that should be cleaned out shortly after use.

For all of your hot tub, pool, jetted tub, washing machine, and dishwasher cleaning needs, try Ahh!some Watercare products today! You can shop all of our products online while you look forward to a better cleaning in the near future. 

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  • Gail Johnson
    July 20, 2023 1:34 pm

    I’m looking for directions to use Ahh-Some pool and hot tub filter cleaner

    • Morning Gail. Very easy to use the filter cleaner. Simply take 1 teaspoon of gel and mix that with some hot water. Fill a 5 gallon pail 3/4’s of the way full with water and then pour the filter mixture in. Mix it around and then put your filter cartridge in the bucket for 20 minutes. Remove and rinse with a garden hose. If you have any additional questions please feel free to email me at [email protected]


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