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  1. What does the Ahh-Some Hot Tub/Jetted Bath Plumbing Cleaner do?
  2. Can biofilm build-up in the hot tub or jetted bath plumbing make me sick?
  3. Why am I seeing thousands of "white flakes" in my hot tub when I turn the jets on high?
  4. What are some precautions one should be aware of when using thie Ahh-Some family of cleaners?
  5. Do I have to get all the chemical parameters in balance before using the Hot Tub Cleaner?
  6. Where can hot tub or pool owners go to get honest answers to maintenance and technical questions?
  7. Does the Hot Tub or Jetted Bath water need to be hot or warm when using the Ahh-Some cleaner?
  8. Will the Liquid Ahh-Some Jetted Tub Cleaner work in hot tubs?
  9. Are all the Ahh-Some products different formulas for specific targets?
  10. What happens if I DON'T wipe and remove the sticky gooey gunk that the Ahh-Some purged from the plumbing for a while or until the vessel is completely drained after the purge process?
  11. Can Ahh-Some harm o'rings , fittings, metal face plates or other materials it comes in contact with?
  12. Why use so little product? If I use more will it be more effective?
  13. Why do I see lots of foaming in the tub after I add the product and open the air jets?
  14. Can I use the Ahh-Some Hot Tub Cleaner as a weekly maintenance addition to minimize bio-fouling build-up?
  15. Can I see the "MSDS" or "SDS" sheet(s) on the various Ahh-Some products?
  16. Why can't I buy the Ahh-Some weekly maintenance product in the USA?
  17. How long do I run the pump with the Ahh-Some to clean the plumbing on a hot tub or jetted bathtub?
  18. What if I use way too much Ahh-Some for the job?
  19. Is the Hot Tub or Swim Spa water ok to drain onto the lawn, flowers or garden after performing the bio-purge to the piping and jets?
  20. Does the product do a complete job on the initial cleaning or do I need to do successive cleanings?
  21. Your instructions on the Hot Tub Cleaner say that the purge takes 30 minutes or so. Can I leave the Ahh-Some in the water longer? Will this hurt my system if I leave it in say, overnight?
  22. Do I remove the head rests and pillows before purging if possible?
  23. Is it safe to actually touch the gel with your hands and fingers?
  24. Is it harmful to breathe the air around a hot tub or jetted tub as the Ahh-Some is circulating and working?
  25. After cleaning the hot tub or jetted bathtub with the Ahh-Some should I refill the vessel and drain to get residual Ahh-Some out?
  26. What are signs that a hot tub purge with Ahh-Some is required?
  27. Can't I just dump the water periodically to get rid of some of the nasties?
  28. Is the Ahh-Some manufactured in the USA?
  29. I did the Ahh-Some Purge on my Hot Tub according to the instructions and noticed very little gunk or discoloration to the water. Why would this be?

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