Refer a Dealer

Refer A Dealer

Do you have a favorite hot tub or pool dealer in your area? We'd love for them to join us and start offering our Ahh!some products to their customers. All it takes is a phone call or visit to a retailer you already know and trust.

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No large up-front purchase of inventory

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No Distributor Mark-Up Charges

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Their contact info & website link are placed on our website so customers find them

Refer a dealer

If you recommend Ahh!some to a dealer and they place their first dealer order with us, we’ll send you a $100 gift card to their specific store as a thank you. So help us spread the love for Ahh!some and earn!

The process is easy. Once you've made a referral, send us an email or text at:

Refer a Dealer!

Call us today at (701) 412-1267 to refer your favorite hot tub or pool dealer in your area and get a $100 gift card!

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