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Spray Cleaner and Deodorizer


Ahh-some Spray Cleaner & Deodorizer cleans and removes Dirt, Debris, Inanimate Scum & Nutrients, Particulates & Inanimate Contaminants from all surfaces.  Ahh-some products are designed to promote maximum satisfaction with your spa.  Ahh-some Spray Cleaner & Deodorizer aids in the removal of unwanted odors and other non-public health organic build-up that may contribute to unsightly deposits.

How do use on your Hot Tub:  Odors are often generated by bacteria growing, above the water line, while your spa is not in use.  After each use, and upon exiting your hot tub, spray/ahh-Some Spray Cleaner & Deodorizer on the “tidal zone” of your spa shell.  The tidal zone is the 4-6 inch above the water line on your spa shell.  On a weekly basis, spray the underside of your spa cover and around the headrests, wipe any residue that forms before closing your cover.

How to use on surfaces where water may have left residual evidence of scum, mold, mildew, soap deposits and the like:  Simply spray the cleaner on the surface, wait 10 seconds or so, wipe and rinse the area clean.  Safe to use on most hard surfaces, glass, plastic, acrylic and vinyl.  We recommend that you initially try the cleaner on a small out-of-the-way area to gauge compatibility.

Prevents/Blocks/Neutralizes/Reduces & Removes Odors

Unscented – No Colorants Added

Ahh-some Spray Cleaner will be your trusted friend for all areas where moist environments cause moldy discolorations and offensive aromas. Ideal for cleaning under vinyl spa covers where the accumulation of gunk can colonize and stink. No need to hold your nose when you first lift the hot tub cover off the shell.

Spray all areas from the waterline and up after each hot tub soak to remove released organics from sticking. Save on sanitizer too since you wipe away the gunk that would typically homogenize into the water. Helps to maintain water freshness and clarity.

Use on shower enclosures, sinks, toilets or any other area where scum accumulates on surfaces. Use on mold or mildew wherever it accumulates. Cleans quickly without all the elbow grease. Ahh-some spray cleaner & deodorizer can be your “go to” guy for all types of cleaning jobs around the house, office or industrial setting.

We use a proprietary and proven formulation that does the job without placing those strong cleaning agent aromas in the air. Our cleaner is unscented and simply smells like nature itself.

No need to mix our cleaner with any other product to enhance the cleaning ability. You’ll love the clean look and absolutely have a bottle of this cleaner in your arsenal.

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