How Ahh-some Watercare™ Keeps You Healthy

Ahh-some hot tub cleaner product in a jar being presented by a pair of woman's hands. Blurred background of other Ahh-some brand products.

It is no secret that taking care of the water in your pool or hot tub is important for the sake of the equipment, but did you know that proper care can keep you healthy as well? The products available at Ahh-some Watercare™ are designed with your health in mind. Not only are Ahh-some Watercare products effective cleaning tools, but they are also formulated to be safe for the human body. On top of that, they are environmentally friendly.

Ahh-some Watercare Products are Effective

The primary way in which Ahh-some Watercare helps keep you healthy is by carrying effective cleaning products. Using effective cleaning products ensures that you are properly eliminating any potentially harmful bacteria. These microorganisms are notorious for hiding in pools and hot tubs. When microorganisms start to build up in your pool or hot tub, they form a slimy substance that may stick to any part of your pool or hot tub–this is called biofilm. 

Biofilm can grow in any part of your pool or hot tub, including those hard-to-reach areas that you may not even be able to see–within the jet lines of a hot tub, for example. When left untreated, biofilm can grow and spread within your equipment. While your water may look clean, bacteria may be lurking in the shadows. 

It is important to use a brand such as Ahh-some Watercare’s line of pool and hot tub cleaning products that have the capacity to clean biofilm out of each crevice. This way, your water not only looks clean but is clean, keeping you safe and healthy. 

In addition to eliminating biofilm from your pool or hot tub, Ahh-some Watercare’s cleaning products help break down both organic contaminants–such as skin cells and hair–and inorganic contaminants–such as lotions, oils, and other commonly used products that can harm your water. Breaking down these contaminants is important in keeping you healthy while using your pool or hot tub. 

Ahh-some Watercare Testing Kits

There is more to water care than adding chemicals, testing your water’s various chemical levels, pH, total alkalinity, and hardness is just as important as using the products themselves. In many cases, it is important to know certain testable levels prior to adding a product so you know how much of a certain product to use. In other cases, you will want to test your water prior to use to ensure that there are safe levels of chemicals present before jumping in. 

Regardless of when you are using your test strips, Ahh-some Watercare helps keep you healthy by offering a line of test strip products and kits designed to give you an accurate overview of your pool or hot tub water contents. 

Ahh-some Watercare Products are Safe and Environmentally Friendly

While harsh pool and hot tub chemicals have their place, it’s good to use products that are safe for the human body whenever possible. While you usually don’t jump in the pool right after adding certain chemicals, it is safe to get in immediately after using Ahh-some Watercare’s water clarifier and bio-cleaner. It is still always a good idea to test your water’s pH and total alkalinity after adding new chemicals before use. 

Another way in which Ahh-some Watercare keeps you healthy is by creating and selling products that are environmentally friendly. Any company that takes its environmental impact into consideration is doing a small part in keeping us all healthy–we do only have one world, after all. 


On top of selling top-of-the-line cleaners, Ahh-some Watercare cares about your health and takes the steps required to offer healthy products for their customers. Shop here today!  

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