Are Ahh!some Hot Tub and Pool Products Gentle on Skin?

Yes! The good news about using Ahh!some hot tub and pool products is that they are gentle on skin. In addition to being gentle on skin, Ahh!some hot tub and pool products are also one of the most effective cleaning and purging products on the market — a win-win. 

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Swim After Using These Hot Tub and Pool Products? 

Here’s more good news; you don’t have to wait to swim after cleaning with Ahh!some Hot tub and Pool products. These products are gentle enough on skin that you don’t have to worry about jumping in the water after use. 


When it comes to pool-specific Ahh!some products, using them couldn’t be easier. Simply make sure your pH and total alkaline levels are adjusted correctly, add shock to your pool (only needed if you sanitize with chlorine), and add one ounce of our swimming pool water clarifier & bio-cleaner per 3,000 gallons of water. Your pool is now safe to use, assuming your pH, total alkalinity, and other testable levels are up to par. 

Hot Tubs

When you use any of Ahh!some’s hot tub cleaning products, you will want to drain, wipe, and refill your hot tub after running the cleaning product through. These products are designed to purge the jetted lines, so junk that has accumulated will be brought to the surface.

The best way to get rid of the contaminants that are brought to the surface is to drain the hot tub after the product has had time to work (approximately 30 minutes), wipe out the interior shell, and refill your hot tub with fresh water. Once the cleaning process is complete, your hot tub is ready for use again. 

Other Physical Benefits of Using Ahh!some Pool and Hot Tub Products

Not only are Ahh!some products gentle on the skin, but they also prevent red eyes and green hair. Red-eye syndrome is a common occurrence for those who open their eyes when under pool water. While harsh chemicals may be part of the cause, it is more likely due to the combination of urine and sweat combined with chlorine which forms chloramine. Not only is Ahh!some cleaner a gentle product, but it effectively eliminates urine and sweat, meaning no more red eyes after using the pool. 

Ahh!some pool and hot tub products work similarly for avoiding green-hair syndrome. This is generally caused by chlorine sanitizer oxidizing any hard metals found in the water. Our cleaning products can help reduce the buildups that lead to green hair when swimming in pool water. 

Can I Touch the Pool and Hot Tub Products with My Hands When Using Them? 

While the Ahh!some hot tub and pool cleaning products are safe to be around once dissolved, we don’t recommend touching the concentrated gels or liquids with any part of your body. As with any cleaning product, touching a concentrated amount can cause skin or eye irritation.

If any body part comes in contact with a concentrated product, you should wash it off to avoid irritations. For this reason, we recommend wearing gloves when adding these products to your hot tub or pool. 

Consider Ahh!some Products

If you want an effective way to clean your pool and hot tub while also using a product that is gentle on your skin, consider Ahh!some cleaning products. You can explore all of our products online. Additional information for each product can be found on our website. Get ready for a cleaner hot tub and pool with Ahh!some cleaning products!

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