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Ahh-some Hot Tub & Spa Polish

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The Ahh-some Hot Tub & Spa Polish is a specially formulated product designed to care for acrylic and vinyl surfaces in your hot tub and spa. This premium polish not only seals and protects these surfaces but also enhances their appearance, providing a lasting shine and preventing the buildup of grime and residues. Ideal for routine maintenance, it creates a protective barrier that shields against environmental elements and everyday wear, ensuring your hot tub and spa remain visually appealing and well-maintained. This polish is an essential addition to your spa care routine, preserving the beauty and extending the life of your investment.

Add-on: The Spa Pad

Add a Spa Pad to your order

The Spa Pad is crafted from crushed walnut shells, it's tough on grime yet gentle on surfaces, leaving your spa spotless. Reusable and eco-friendly, it's the smarter way to a cleaner spa. Learn more.

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    Wow, the had a yellow tint to them. I can’t get over how white they become!


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