Cartridge Filters Maintenance

Cartridge filters:

Just about every single “stand alone” Hot Tub uses cartridge filters.  Some tubs use one and some tubs can have 4 or 5.  Typically, today’s cartridge filter elements are made from spunbonded “non-woven” polymeric monofilament material that resembles cloth or a fabric.  Previously, many cartridges were made from a type of paper that was considered “disposable” after the initial use.  There are still a few hot tub manufacturers that still use the pleated paper filters on some models.  However, the vast majority of hot tubs incorporate the higher quality spunbonded type.

Cleaning & Care:

Maintaining clear and inviting water can be a challenge for some hot tub owners. It is important to always use the correct filter model number the manufacturer stipulates and to perform cleaning protocols as needed. The filter(s) in a hot tub are the major drivers for clear water. Stop and think of all the contaminants that are introduced into the spa water by bathers. Oils, lotions, soaps, shampoos, exfoliated skin, dirt, dust, droppings, leaves, grass, bugs and a host of other particulates are invading your hot tub water. Never run your hot tub without having the filter(s) in place except when you are using a “purge” product to remove plumbing bio-gunk. You must remove the filter(s) when doing this or you will not benefit from a quality purge cleaning.

When should you remove and clean the filter(s)? Depending on the amount of use the tub gets will determine the frequency you must clean the filter(s). A quick cleaning may be necessary every week or two. Just remove the filter(s) and hose it (them) off. We STRONGLY recommend that you ALWAYS start with dry filters and not place the ones you just hosed off back into the filter compartment. Pleated filters, when wet, lose surface material since the pores have not dried out and the fabric needs to return to its initial shape. You need to purchase additional filters so you can prevent “down time” and allow the just cleaned filters to air dry.


Periodically, you will need to actually soak your filter(s) in a pail large enough to hold the filter while using a filter cleaning product. You may need to turn the filters end on end periodically if the pail will not accommodate the entire filter.
Filter cleaners essentially penetrate deeper into the pleats and pores to loosen particulates that may be clogging the filter area causing the square footage of filter area to be diminished. We make a filter cleaner called Ahh-some. You only use a few level teaspoons of the gel in a large pail of water. Soak the filters for 20-30 minutes, hose them off and allow them to air dry. Note: You only need to perform a filter cleaning soak a few times a year in most cases. If you want them to return to the “like new” white color you can simply add a few ounces of chlorine bleach to a bucket and rinse the newly cleaned filters in that solution. They will whiten up as they dry..

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