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Hot Tub, Swim Spa & Pool Filter Cleaner (2 oz.)


Ahh-some Pool & Hot Tub Filter Cleaner is a safe, effective, and fast-acting gel cleanser that purges sediment, algae, inorganic contaminants, exfoliated skin, oils, and other particulates from your filter cartridges and grids.

Ahh-some Pool & Hot Tub Filter Cleaner comes in a 2-oz container (4 cleanings per jar). It also works great on other hard-to-clean surfaces, too. Watch it unleash its powerful scrubbing action without toil or time from you. This gel is absolutely fantastic!

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Instructions for Filter Cartridges or DE Grids:


Mix 2 teaspoons of Ahh-some’s pool filter cleaner in 4 – 5 gallons of hot


Stir the gel, so it dissolves. You will see foam.


Ensure that the filter cartridge(s) or grid(s) soak in the solution for about 30 minutes, longer if it’s really old and dirty.


Keep them submerged in the solution or turn them in the pail to soak the entire filter.


Remove filter(s) from the solution and hose off using a little pressure.


You will find that the thousands of crevices and navigable pores throughout the cartridge(s) or grid(s) are now opened.

Instructions for Filter Cartridges or DE Grids:


Fill a 5-gallon pail with hot water and add an ounce of hot tub filter cleaner.


Stir to form a pool filter cleaning solution. Using warmer water will accelerate this step.


Remove skimmer basket. If you have two or more skimmers, pick into anyone.


While the filter is in the BACKWASH cycle, turn on the pump. Slowly pour half of the diluted solution into the skimmer.


After pouring, SHUT THE PUMP OFF. Let the cleaner penetrate and saturate into the sand for about 30 minutes.


Keep in BACKWASH CYCLE and turn the pump BACK ON. Slowly pour the remaining liquid into the skimmer. Ideally, if you have another skimmer, pour into that one.


When the pail is empty, keep backwashing for 30 seconds to 1 minute longer. Shut the power off. Place selector valve into RINSE mode if available.


Power back on for 15 seconds. Shut power OFF. Place the skimmer basket back into the skimmer. Turn the selector back to FILTER and turn the pump on.

Cleans Within Minutes

You can now get a clean hot tub filter safely in a matter of minutes with no hard work from you. Eliminate these common contaminants:

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Decomposed organics

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All other contaminants and particulates

Thousands of those fine tolerance pores in the tightly woven media filter bag are purged of any and all matter after a 15-minute soaking. After thorough rinsing, you are left with a very clean filter that allows water to permeate the pores with ease. Plus your jet pressure will be enhanced. Great to remove contaminants from sand filters as well. See instructions.


Using Ahh-some Pool & Hot Tub Filter Cleaner provides several benefits.

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Has no acids or harsh cleansers that can burn/harm grass, vegetation, or pets

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Improved filter performance

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Water stays cleaner longer

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Environmentally more desirable

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Thorough “deep cleaning”

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Cleaner water with less filter run time

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Easy to use

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Filters get clean faster


Filter cleaners are used to clean pool or hot tub filters. Effective filter cleaners get rid of sediment, algae, inorganic contaminants, exfoliated skin, and other particulates from the filters.

There are many ways to clean pool filters. The easiest way to go about it is by choosing a reliable pool filter cleanerAhh-some’s Hot Tub Chemicals can make the cleaning task extremely simple for you.

You will find that filter cleaners’ prices vary from product to product. Ahh-some’s inexpensive filter cleaner works great on hard-to-clean surfaces using its powerful scrubbing formula.

You can find multiple retailers selling filter cleaners online. Filter cleaners are available in gel or concentrated form. Ahh-some produces the best hot tub filter cleaner; it serves an easy cleaning experience.

The best filter cleaner would eliminate all kinds of bio buildup in the filters. Hence, it is important to choose wisely. Ahh-some’s Pool & Hot Tub Filter Cleaner is safe, effective, and a fast-acting gel cleanser.

See How it Works

Take an inside look at how we weigh, seal, and cap the Ahh-some containers for 100% satisfaction.

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  1. Haven’t used this yet, I will once I open the pool

  2. Just what I needed to keep my filter clean

  3. have not used yet

14 reviews for Hot Tub, Swim Spa & Pool Filter Cleaner (2 oz.)

  1. ROGER W. (verified owner)

  2. Sarah B. (verified owner)

  3. Donald D. (verified owner)

    Great product to dissolve goop in the filters. They rinse clean and look so much better than just using a hose!

  4. Donald Johns (verified owner)

  5. C M. (verified owner)

    Easy to use and effective!

  6. Bruce F. (verified owner)

    Great product

  7. Renee (verified owner)

  8. Kristin T. (verified owner)

  9. Don H. (verified owner)

    Cheaper on line than going through Amazon. Received in a reasonable amount of time. Seems to work great on dishwasher and hot tub

  10. Clifford Martin (verified owner)

    have not used yet

  11. Gregory Pierce (verified owner)

  12. Mark Kozlowski (verified owner)

    Just what I needed to keep my filter clean

  13. denise young (verified owner)

    Haven’t used this yet, I will once I open the pool

  14. Robert P. (verified owner)

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