History of Aqua Clarity

Back in 2013

Unique Solutions filed for and received a US Trademark for the term “Aqua Clarity.”

At that time, we were working with a few very bright biochemists who were endeavoring to manipulate our hugely successful Ahh-some Bio-Cleaning Gel so it could also be used as a weekly maintenance additive in addition to the sanitizer of choice for the hot tub owner. This was not as easy as one would think to accomplish.

We were searching for the right formulation that would allow the hot tub owner to just use our maintenance product and a sanitizer. We were trying to create a product where it simply did a host of functions simultaneously, the most important of which was to maintain brilliant clarity to water while mitigating sanitizer decay rates.

Sanitizer decay rates are one of the banes to hot tub maintenance protocol. With the advent of saltwater generators, (SWG’s), hot tub owners were being lulled into a false sense of security as they assumed the SWG was all they needed. Testing protocols were suddenly being neglected until they saw the water go cloudy and foamy.

Aqua Clarity

Is essentially a “backup quarterback.” What we have found is that even with your “free sanitizer” rate at close to zero, the “AC” product worked diligently to keep the water from turning and provided a modicum of protection for the bather for a short period of time, usually a few days. We stress however, that this is not a situation we like to see occur. Maximum protection against pathogens and other water borne bacteria are only kept at bay by using an effective sanitizer.

Stop and think of the amount of bacteria and organic contaminants that are introduced by just one single hot tub soaker for 30 minutes in 104 degree water. Hundreds of thousands of little nasties can be introduced along with a collection of dirt, grime, sweat, fecal matter, lotions, cosmetics, oils and many other possible nutrients that can feed bio-contaminants hiding under a slime layer on surfaces. This occurs even if you showered before soaking. Google It! It’s True! If the free available sanitizer, generally chlorine or bromine, is depleted before or after a soak, and you don’t add the required amount of new sanitizer, either manually or automatically, your water quality is in question.

Testing is a great way to maintain adequate chemical balance. This is where the AC program kicks in.  The product will help to grab particulates and allow your filter to work more efficiently. The Aqua Clarity is also providing constant “mini purges” of bio-contaminants that may be advancing and beginning to colonize on all your hot tub piping and surfaces.  The product literally sweeps them clean and helps deposit them into your filtration system.  We don’t get all of them, but a fair amount can be expected to get filtered.  Therefore, you must clean the filters regularly, especially when using the AC program.

We Didn’t need to Price the program so low!

We could have priced this at double or even triple the price. It is worth that cost when you figure what the program will save, how easy it is to administer and what kind of results are obtained.

I have been in the recreational water industry since right out of college in 1969. To say I’ve seen and heard it all would be a lie. I thought I did until we developed this product. When I saw how this product delivered performance to the user, I had an Epiphany. We constantly hear from hot tub owners who are experiencing ongoing water maintenance issues. Some are badmouthing their dealer. Some wish they had never purchased a hot tub. Some are so frustrated that they no longer use their hot tub. So, we were determined to take this program to the masses. Once you do the initial purge and balance your water, add the appropriate amount of sanitizer on a regular basis and this system will do the rest. Now, hot tub owners will get back into their tubs and enjoy all the benefits they afford the user.

Jerry Parker,
Owner of Unique Solutions, USA.

For further information and questions please visit our FAQ page.

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