The How To’s for “purging your hot tub/jetted bathtub

By now, the informed hot tub owner understands the many benefits of keeping the unseen plumbing piping free of contaminants and scum like buildup.  It is somewhat unfortunate that some manufacturers and many hot tub or swim spa retailers don’t discuss this necessary maintenance procedure in product literature or during the initial chemical and maintenance information given at the time of delivery.  Many hot tub owners are given a brief overview of the electronics, water chemistry, and other general information.  The hot tub owner quickly realizes that maintaining a healthy hot tub with balanced water and sufficient sanitizer levels is a little more complicated than what they perceived.  They can now begin to see cloudy or foamy water.  They are not typically instructed that they must use a pipe or plumbing cleaner periodically to remove Biofilms.  Talk of periodic draining of the hot tub is not brought up as this may upset the new buyer.  This ongoing dereliction of duty from the hot tub purveyors and service personnel is why over 50% of hot tub owners are confused and have very little idea as to what they need to do to maintain their hot tub water.  This is a terrible shame, but, new hot tubs are sold by the hundreds of thousands every year and the battle continues.  Sound familiar?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Just to be absolutely honest with you, there are many fine hot tub retailers that do spend enormous amounts of time to train the new owner on maintenance issues.  We deal with many of these companies.  They are really trying to inform the new owners and get them started on the correct water chemistry protocols.  For the most part, their customers are much happier and satisfied with their hot tub purchase than other companies that don’t offer this benefit.

Let’s get started with one of the most important things a hot tub owner can do to create a hot tub maintenance program that promotes a healthy and inviting soaking environment.  This necessary protocol is why Ahh-Some is considered the most effective product to use.  This one “must do” procedure is called “PURGING”.

Why purging hot tub/jetted bathtub plumbing is required:

There is absolutely no way of preventing biofilm or other contaminants from colonizing within the plumbing infrastructure of a hot tub or jetted bathtub no matter how meticulous you are regarding maintenance and chemical usage.  Oops, actually there is a way, but it is inconceivable that anyone would actually do this.  If you left the pump(s) on 24/7 every single day the moving water would not allow for adhesion and the colonizing of bacteria and other contaminants from gaining a foothold.  So, we have formulated a very unique product that quickly and effectively penetrates the lipid layer of the build-up allowing the flowing water to burrow into it and push it out into the vessel.  Ahh-Some has been tested against many competing brands and wins hands down.  These test results can be seen on our website and across the internet.  Ahh-Some is what many manufacturers recommend to their dealers and hot tub and jetted bathtub owners who contact their customer service when bio-fouling problems cause a myriad of water problems.  The typical hot tub owner notices that something is wrong when they see black or white flakes, foaming that doesn’t seem to go away and find that their sanitizer levels are always being depleted rapidly.  There are other signs in addition to these as well.  One major problem that we often hear about is called “hot tub rash” or folliculitis.  A specific bacteria called Pseudomonas  Aeruginosa is the culprit.  This bacteria, and many others, are harboring inside the slime layers that piping can have.  The Biofilm is protected by the outer layers of the colony.  Typical sanitizers like bleach, chlorine or bromine cannot penetrate this biofilm.  It works diligently trying to do so but always falls short.  Hence, the sanitizer levels disappear quickly as they are working feverishly to get it removed.  Ahh-Some is a cationic or positively charged surfactant.  Ahh-Some easily breaks through the protective sheathing that is keeping the biofilm safe and sound.  After Ahh-Some Cleaner is added, it’s a matter of minutes before you will see the results.

Steps you will do to aid in the elimination of the problem:

  1. Remove filter(s), headrests and pillows if they are snap-in type. (Disregard for Jetted Tubs). Ok to place filter(s) inside hot tub proper if they are not ceramic or disposable type.
  2. Add appropriate amount of gel to tub. ;More is not better or more effective.
  3. Protect eyes from splashing water and wear latex gloves is hands have abrasions or cuts.
  4. Turn pump(s) on high jet. Let tub circulate for 10-20 minutes. Foaming will appear.
  5. Leave foam in tub.  Ok if it runs over. Just rinse with garden hose. (Disregard for Jetted Tub)
  6. Turn off pump(s). Hose down any foam you see. Wipe waterline where you see gunk.
  7. Rinse and wipe all the acrylic so released sticky stuff doesn’t adhere to shell or cabinet.
  8. Drain the tub. A submersible pump works great and can quickly empty the purged water.
  9. Remove filter(s), hose them off and let dry. A spare set of filters is always recommended.
  10. After rinsing and wiping the shell you can refill the hot tub.Always add the water into the filter compartment so the pump(s) pick up a quick prime when they are turned on after filling.

Tid Bits that you may find helpful:

The above instructions are primarily for hot tubs.  However, the same instructions can be used for cleaning jetted bathtubs or the newer style walk-in-tubs.  Those walk-in-tubs need cleaning as they are primarily used by elderly clientele who may have more comorbidities as bacterial Biofilms can cause significant illnesses that can be of a very serious nature.

Please Note:  When you purge a hot tub or swim spa and you see a very large release of detritus gunk and discoloration we recommend that you do the following.  After the initial purge has been completed but PRIOR to the draining process we recommend that you add about HALF the original dose to the same “just purged” water and run the high jets for an additional 5-10 minutes.  You should see even more released gunk after this second purge.

Overnight Soaking with Ahh-Some:

Many people ask if they can let the hot tub or jetted tub set overnight with the Ahh-Some in it.  The answer is yes, but there are a few caveats.  Number one is to be sure that you have wiped ALL the sticky released gunk from the initial or secondary purge.  If you do want the pipes to soak in the Ahh-Some overnight, you MUST be sure that you shut the tub power off.  We do NOT want the pump(s) running when you are not present to wipe away the gunk that may be discharged.  Biofilms are comprised of saccharides or sugar molecules and can be extremely sticky and hard to remove from hot tub or jetted tub acrylic or fiberglass. It is ok to let it soak all night while you are sleeping.  It will saturate the plumbing even more so in the morning you can run the jets for 5 minutes and possibly get even more gunk out.  A great idea for really contaminated tubs.  Just be sure to rinse and wipe completely.

This is the procedure in a nutshell. Hope this helps. Please see the many YouTube videos customers and our people have produced showing the process.

Thanks for your interest. We hope you have an Ahh-Some Experience.

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